When family members are at odds over the care and custody of a child, the matter can quickly become heated. Many people feel a compelling need to protect the children that they love, and this level of emotion can easily overtake one’s sense of reason. This may be the case for a Texas grandmother who is now facing a serious criminal charge after a child custody fight.

The 58-year-old woman had limited custody of the girl before a bizarre incident that led to her being taken into police custody. Authorities suspect that the grandmother planted drugs on the child in an effort to frame the little girl’s father for possession. Instead, the person now held in police custody is the grandmother.

It is reported that the child had four grams of cocaine in her possession. Reports also state that the child was told to show the drugs to her teacher. It is unclear how long the drugs were in the child’s possession before authorities became involved.

The grandmother is now facing charges of child abuse in connection to the matter. She has stated that she believes that the drugs belong to her son-in-law, and has said that she would never do anything to harm her grandchild. She also believes that her ability to spend time with her granddaughter has now been threatened.

While this case has not yet made its way through the court system, the story serves as a sobering reminder of the serious nature of child custody disputes. In some cases, family members will make choices that defy all logic and reason. Sadly, by choosing to try to gain custody outside of the established legal system in Texas or elsewhere, many people lose the right to have any unsupervised access to the children that they love.

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