Do Parent Finances Affect Child Custody?

When one parent makes more money than the other, the one who makes less often believes they are at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody.In reality, custody decisions are made with many different factors in mind. Texas courts analyze nume...

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Child Custody and Religion in Texas

Sometimes, parents’ religious practices are a point of conflict for a family. When one parent holds certain beliefs that the other parent does not hold, who makes the decisions about how to raise the child? What happens when one parent disagrees w...

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How to Protect Your Child’s Important Relationships in a Divorce

There’s an old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true. As they grow, children are shaped by the community they grow up in and by the relationships they form with others—family members, trusted adults, and friends.So what...

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Vaccination: A Potential Co-Parenting Sticking Point

The holiday season is stressful for many families. And the balancing act of co-parenting is particularly hard this time of year. On top of the usual struggles, many parents are dealing with a disagreement over vaccinating their children....

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The Right Attitude Towards Co-Parenting

Divorce is not generally a sign of a successful relationship. The end of a marriage is often accompanied by anger, disgust, betrayal, and sadness. The strong emotions that come with divorce can make the thought of co-parenting almost into...

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