How to Protect Your Child’s Important Relationships in a Divorce

There’s an old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s true. As they grow, children are shaped by the community they grow up in and by the relationships they form with others—family members, trusted adults, and friends.So what...

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Vaccination: A Potential Co-Parenting Sticking Point

The holiday season is stressful for many families. And the balancing act of co-parenting is particularly hard this time of year. On top of the usual struggles, many parents are dealing with a disagreement over vaccinating their children....

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The Right Attitude Towards Co-Parenting

Divorce is not generally a sign of a successful relationship. The end of a marriage is often accompanied by anger, disgust, betrayal, and sadness. The strong emotions that come with divorce can make the thought of co-parenting almost into...

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What You Need to Know About Long-Distance Custody Arrangements

What You Need to Know About Long-Distance Custody Arrangements One of the most important assets created during a divorce is the child custody agreement. After all, it’s critical that your children have adequate parenting time with you and your ex-s...

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Child Custody for Military Parents

Child Custody for Military ParentsWith the strong presence of the U.S. military in the Fort Worth area, we’ve become familiar with just how child custody issues affect military families. We have handled numerous military divorce cases, as well...

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Reasons to Modify a Child Custody Order

Reasons to Modify a Child Custody OrderPutting a divorce behind you can feel liberating. Instead of being tied up in the emotions that came with your divorce, you begin to focus on moving forward. This can be complicated—especially when child ...

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