How Does a Child’s Preference Affect Custody?

It's not easy to make decisions about splitting time with your children. Asking children to participate in the custody process is a delicate issue, and the emotional toll on parents can be overwhelming.Under Texas law, a child's wishes regarding...

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What is a QDRO and Why Do You Need One When Getting Divorced?

401(k)s, IRAs, and pensions are often among the most valuable assets a person has, so these assets naturally play a key role when the time comes to divide property in a divorce. If your divorce settlement or court order involves splitting the money ...

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Avoid These Financial Mistakes During Divorce

The stress that comes with divorce can lead people to make poor financial decisions. Some questionable financial decisions are made with the intent to keep money out of a soon-to-be ex’s hands. Other money mistakes are made because of emotion, dis...

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Seeking Custody of Your Grandchildren: 3 Things to Consider

At our Ft. Worth law firm, we often talk with grandparents who would do anything for their grandkids and who are heartbroken over family situations that prompt them to seek custody. If you’re thinking of taking action to gain custody of your ...

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When Family and Criminal Law Overlap in Texas Family Violence Cases

The law isn’t always clear-cut. There are many situations where legal issues overlap, and different perspectives are useful to achieve the best possible outcome. For example, at the Schneider Law Firm, we often handle complex cases when a fam...

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Do Parent Finances Affect Child Custody?

When one parent makes more money than the other, the one who makes less often believes they are at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody.In reality, custody decisions are made with many different factors in mind. Texas courts analyze nume...

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