The Executive Administrator of the Alamo recently filed for divorce from her husband after she admitted to sending explicit pictures and messages to another man using a phone intended for official Alamo business.

Larry Navarro, the husband of Melinda Navarro, allegedly discovered the explicit photos on his wife’s phone late last year. Upon discovery, he forwarded the photos to many of Melinda’s contacts, including her coworkers at the Alamo. Although Melinda Navarro, a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, denies having an affair, her husband is seeking to examine her personal computers and to compel testimony from the man who received the messages from his wife.

Melinda’s actions have not only caught the attention of her husband, but also local lawmakers. State senator Leticia Van de Putte, for example, has said that Navarro’s actions are particularly alarming and offer proof that there should be a stronger, state-based management presence at the historic site. Currently, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are responsible for its management.

The case is currently pending, but Melinda Navarro’s use of her phone illustrates the dangers of using modern technology when it comes to filing for a divorce. There is no question that the pictures and messages are hers and her husband will potentially be able to use them against her in court. Despite her arguments that her husband, Larry, is only trying to stir up media attention, the reality is that she will have to address these issues at trial. Her actions may also lead to a shake-up in leadership at the Alamo.

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