Media outlets in Fort Worth were all over the recent Deion Sanders divorce proceedings decisions, including the court’s decision to grant custody of the couple’s two sons to the former football star and shared custody of the couple’s daughter to Deion and his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders.

In a separate proceeding, it was also decided that the couple’s prenuptial agreement would stand, meaning that Pilar will not get half of Deion’s wealth, estimated by some to be as much as $250 million (a figure he disputes).

Both halves of the couple have sought media attention as they sparred over custody, finances and hurled accusations back and forth over alleged domestic abuse.

The couple was married for 14 years, and has been in the process of divorce since late 2011 when NFL Hall of Famer Deion announced their split via Facebook.

As with so many couples, the most important issue for this one was custody of the children. The Sanders’ kids are two boys, 13 and 11 years old, and their daughter, 9.

A jury heard arguments over a couple of weeks in the custody case, eventually deciding that Deion would have the power to make all decisions about education, health care and extracurricular activities for the boys, and that Pilar and Deion will share those responsibilities and decisions for their daughter.

Then an arbitrator decided that the couple’s prenup would stand, despite Pilar’s argument that the document was partially forged.

As a result of that decision, she will receive $1 million, but apparently not a portion of the 100-acre estate in Prosper, Texas, or the luxury condo in Dallas.

While few of us will ever face the bright lights of the media as this couple has, many face the prospect of a divorce with difficult issues involving child custody and property division. Those kinds of complex emotional and legal disputes make the guidance and advocacy of an experienced family law attorney critical in these matters.

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