A Collaborative Divorce Could Benefit Both Spouses

Divorce is sometimes perceived as a dirty word. People hear it and instantly think of toxic situations and nasty court battles – the types of divorce proceedings you see in movies and TV shows.


It’s true that many contested divorces get ugly. It’s an unfortunate reality that comes from strained relationships. But the good news is that not every divorce is a war between spouses, and some are collaborative or uncontested.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

It’s not an unattainable goal; there are divorces that never resort to ugly courtroom stand-offs. You and your spouse can be in the driver’s seat with your divorce, and a collaborative divorce is one way to accomplish it.


Collaborative divorce is when a couple negotiates the terms of their divorce (child custody, spousal maintenance, division of property, etc.) with the help of a mediator or attorneys. 


Should each spouse decide it’s best to have their own attorney, the four people will meet to negotiate divorce terms. If a mediator is chosen instead of attorneys, the couple will focus on resolving conflicts to meet mutually agreeable terms.


If both parties can’t come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce, then it stops being a collaborative divorce and will head to court, becoming a contested divorce.

The Difference Between Collaborative Divorce and Uncontested Divorce

At first glance, uncontested divorce and collaborative divorce may seem identical. It’s true that they both involve the spouses coming to a mutual understanding of what the finalized divorce will entail.


Where the two types of divorce diverge is that collaborative divorce utilizes an attorney (or mediator) throughout the entire course of the divorce process, while an uncontested divorce is done primarily by the couple with the lawyers having less involvement.


In other words, if you and your spouse can work together and come up with a plan on your own, you have an uncontested divorce. If you both want a civil divorce but need the help of an attorney and mediator through all discussions and meetings, then you need a collaborative divorce.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Divorce Attorney for Your Collaborative or Uncontested Divorce

Are you and your spouse planning on getting a divorce, but you want it to be peaceful, without bringing the court into the situation? If this sounds ideal, an uncontested divorce or collaborative divorce could be right for you.

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