5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Child Custody Case

Child custody disputes can be some of the most bitter cases in all of family law. Stress can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. As a parent, keep in mind that your behavior, both in and out of court, can greatly affect the outcome of your case, not to mention your relationship with your kids. 

In this article, our Arlington child custody attorneys will highlight some behaviors that can hurt your case and should be avoided. There are plenty of other things you shouldn’t do, but these are some of the most important.

1. Posting Certain Things on Social Media

You can be sure that your ex and/or their attorney will be looking at your Facebook, Instagram and any other social media you use. What you post on social media can come back to bite you in court. Don’t make posts that include things like:

  • Rants about your custody case
  • Threats against your ex or a judge
  • Violent imagery
  • Derogatory remarks about your ex, their attorney or anyone else
  • Pictures of you drinking or doing anything questionable

2. Angry Phone Calls or Texts

Do your best to restrain yourself from calling the other parent or your child when you are angry. The other parent might text or call you to harass you or bait you into saying something bad, so don’t take the bait. 

Angry voicemails or texts can be used by your ex in court to argue that you are somehow unstable or unfit to care for your child. As hard as it can be, always take the high road: ignore harsh remarks and speak/text calmly and rationally.

3. Acting Selfishly

When you ask a judge for something in a child custody case, always remember that the judge is required to make decisions that are in the best interests of your child, not in the best interests of you. 

Any request you make to a judge needs to be geared toward your child’s health and comfort, not your own satisfaction. Texas judges don’t look kindly on parents who seem to be more concerned with their own convenience than their child’s wellbeing.

4. Bashing the Other Parent

You don’t have to like your ex, but your child deserves to have an unbiased view of them. Do not bash the other parent in front of your kids or attempt to turn your child against the other parent. If a judge finds out that you are manipulating the child or trying to poison the way they think about the other parent, it will greatly harm you in your custody case.

5. Failing to Keep Records

If your case gets to the point where you need to prove that the other parent is unfit or acting irresponsibly, you’ll need evidence. For instance, if you tell the court that the other parent isn’t showing up for visitation, the judge will want to know how often that happens. So, write down or otherwise keep track of certain behaviors the other parent engages in, such as:

  • Failure to show up for scheduled visitations
  • Refusing to allow you your visitation
  • Angry texts, emails and phone calls
  • Making threats
  • Posting inappropriate things on social media
  • Neglecting or abusing your child

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